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  • Tania Elfersy

How can an online course deliver natural perimenopause and menopause symptom relief?

natural perimenopause and menopause symptom relief

Modern medicine wants you to believe that natural perimenopause and menopause symptom relief doesn't exist.

If enough women believed that they could reach natural perimenopause and menopause symptom relief without hormone therapies, a multi-billion dollar industry would collapse.

In order to keep this industry alive, women need to be convinced of the following:

  1. Perimenopause and menopause are times of hormonal deficiency.

  2. Symptoms arise due to this state of deficiency.

  3. The female body doesn't know what hormones it needs and when, but medicine does.

  4. Beyond symptoms, menopause causes disease; HRT prevents it.

  5. Menopause is something to fear.

In short, women need to believe that our bodies are destined to malfunction as if there is a bug in our design.

"Oh," some say, "That's true because once women never used to live beyond menopause!" This is a myth that I have debunked here.

Since 2015, I've been helping women reach natural perimenopause and menopause symptom relief. Contrary to the beliefs that hold up the dominant medical narrative around midlife change, I have seen the following:

  1. During perimenopause and menopause, women's bodies don't stop being brilliant. These years are a sensitive time in a woman's lifecycle, not a deficient one.

  2. Symptoms are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, especially stress. Bring a woman back into balance and her symptoms start to disappear. No "fixing" of hormones is necessary!

  3. Since the first deployment of hormones therapies, medicine has consistently under-tested these products and claimed unproven benefits. Many women who declare that they started feeling better on HRT within days are experiencing the placebo effect, which means they could have been helped to feel better without the possible harmful side-effects from hormone treatments.

  4. The longer a person is engaged in unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, the higher their risk of disease, especially beyond midlife. There is no science that can prove that menopause causes disease.

  5. Menopause is a portal for women to return to their true selves. Perhaps the biggest secret about menopause is that post-menopause, many women start living their best lives yet!

For women to have an easier journey through midlife change, they must see through the myths held as true by modern medicine and drop the fear of this natural process of transformation.

When we do that, we allow space for a renewed trust in the body to evolve. We are also able to tap into the inherent guidance that the body provides us at this time.

Healing symptoms and returning to balance in life is simpler than we think. Once we create the right conditions, the body knows how to do the healing tasks that we perceive as complicated.

My online courses and coaching are designed to create the right conditions for healing. Through sharing my unique perspective on health and well-being, women can reach incredible results.

This was the case with Clare, a recent graduate of my Transform Perimenopause and Menopause course.

I'm delighted to include Clare's complete testimonial here as inspiration to any woman who is seeking natural perimenopause and menopause symptom relief, and more harmony in all areas of life.

"I truly believe that things we need for growth are brought to us by magic, just at the right time, and this course with Tania was definitely one of those things. I came across Tania when she appeared on another coach's podcast. What she said really piqued my interest, so I bought her book and signed up to her list. The book blew my mind and then magical timing happened; I joined Tania's list just as the course was being launched.

"I signed up because I had the sense that there was more to be seen about this menopause thing and my physical health in general (I have had a difficult time with my physical health since 2015). The book had already planted seeds but I wanted to see more. I had tried a few natural things to help with what was going on in my body but I knew there was more than physiology at play.

"This course has been truly transformational. Not just around the menopause, but around everything. I’m now seeing things completely differently. We’ve been conditioned to believe so many stories, including that our bodies don’t work properly in menopause but it turns out all of that is just not true. I have noticed that I feel much more connected to my body now. I am tuning in and trusting its guidance. That trust had been broken at some point but it now feels renewed and loving again.

"In terms of the physical symptoms, I now wake up most days feeling well. To put that in context, since I burned out in 2015, that has not been the case. I am not sure if burnout came before menopause or vice versa but since the start of 2015, I have had a cloudy head and felt downright rough every morning. To see that melt away has been profound and life changing.

"The other thing I have noticed is even more of a change in my relationship with my thoughts and feelings. I am now even more likely to take them with a pinch of salt, particularly my extensive stories about my body and my problems with food. I feel more at ease around food and am eating more intuitively, whereas previously I had bought into many stories about what my body could and could not handle.

"This course is life-changing. Tania's knowledge and insightful sharing around this subject is transformational and the way she delivers the content provides a gentle space for everyone to connect to the content from where they are on their journey. I am not sure I can put into words how highly I recommend this course, but if you are in the thick of the menopause and ready to have a more easeful experience of the whole thing, please sign up."

To explore how I can help you reach natural perimenopause and menopause symptom relief and a smoother, more loving journey through these sensitive years, check out my online courses and opportunities for coaching.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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