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A LIVE online course for holistically-minded women who want to experience vibrant health, and love life again.

Heal your symptoms naturally, alchemize the crisis, watch your joy return (even while your hormones are in flux)!

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Hosted by Tania Elfersy
– award-winning author
and transformative coach

What if perimenopause and menopause were portals to allow you to step into your true self?

Midlife change can bring discomfort that feels crazy-making. But at this time, do we “need” to be medicated or invest in endless supplements and treatments?

What if there was a highly effective, simple and 100% natural way to restore your well-being?

What if this time offered you an opportunity to transform your life in a way that was perfect for you?

Transform will not only change your experience of perimenopause and menopause, it will change your life!

Transform is for you if:

You want to feel excited about life again but travel, family matters, work – everyday things you never used to worry about – seem to be sources of anxiety that eat away at your confidence.

You long for calm, uninterrupted nights of sleep and days free of hot flushes but no matter how many special menopause products you invest in, you cannot keep your internal thermostat under control.

You’d love a peaceful home and stress-free interactions with your family but “menopause rage” seems to make that difficult and you often find yourself deep in a land of crazy thoughts.

You want to find the time for passions pulling at your heart but any decisions you need to make are complicated by fear and instead you just feel stuck.

You’d love to embrace the feeling of freedom that you sense is on the horizon but right now you can’t escape a sense of loneliness and loss.

You simply want to feel like yourself again.

If you relate to one or more of the above, you’re in the right place!

"This course has been truly transformational. Not just around the menopause, but around everything. I’m now seeing things completely differently. We’ve been conditioned to believe so many stories, including that our bodies don’t work properly in menopause but it turns out all of that is just not true. I have noticed that I feel much more connected to my body now. I am tuning in and trusting its guidance. That trust had been broken at some point but it now feels renewed and loving again.


"In terms of the physical symptoms, I now wake up most days feeling well. To put that in context, since I burned out in 2015, that has not been the case. I am not sure if burnout came before menopause or vice versa but since the start of 2015, I have had a cloudy head and felt downright rough every morning. To see that melt away has been profound and life changing....

"I am not sure I can put into words how highly I recommend this course, but if you are in the thick of the menopause and ready to have a more easeful experience of the whole thing, please sign up." 

– Clare

Transform Perimenopause & Menopause

is an eight-week online programme that includes weekly LIVE group coaching sessions, daily inspiration in your inbox, and a supportive community.

Transform delivers the following:

Eight modules delivered weekly in LIVE 90-minute group coaching calls.


Module 1: A new perspective on perimenopause and menopause. Ditch the fear of midlife change and aging, and understand why this sensitive time is brilliant and perfectly designed to transform and empower us.

Module 2: Reconnecting with the body and its wisdom. Rebuild trust in your most important and long-lasting partnership for healing and health.

Module 3: Finding your truth. Learn to tap into your innate internal guidance system. Move beyond feeling stuck so you can pursue your passions with confidence.

Module 4: A new perspective on relationships. Discover how the source of all harmony is within and start experiencing the return of love in the important relationships in your life.

Module 5: The magic of following your bliss. Get intimate with the most beautiful force of creation to experience a life of infinite possibilities.

Module 6: Accepting change in the body and beyond. Discover how struggle was never part of the plan and how the best is yet to come.

Module 7: Innate health unlimited. Learn new secrets of health that will help you experience well-being on every level and serve you for decades to come.

Module 8: Future proof. Gain the confidence to alchemize any crisis and step into your true power.


The modules will be held over Zoom.


All calls will also be recorded so you can watch at a convenient time for you.


Alongside the modules, you will receive:


Daily notes of inspiration delivered in your inbox to keep you connected with what you have learned each week.

The chance to join a supportive community of like-minded women whose focus is on healing and transforming for the better. Thriving through midlife change is contagious!

"Even though, due to time zone differences, I was only able to watch the recordings of the Transform course, it was an incredible experience! Tania's unique approach to rethinking menopause truly resonated with me. The emphasis on embracing infinite possibilities and the significance of slowing down to tune into my intuition stood out the most. I observed positive changes, particularly in my digestion, which had been troublesome for years. Additionally, I gained newfound confidence to pursue my passions. I'm grateful to Tania for being a guiding light during what can be a challenging period for many women."
– Marisa

Meet your transformative coach.

Hi, I’m Tania.


In 2015, I witnessed all my physical and emotional perimenopause symptoms disappear within days of a profound insight. Since then, I’ve been helping hundreds of women reach freedom from night sweats and hot flushes, anxiety and mood swings, insomnia and fatigue, and much more – simply and naturally.

I’m the author of The Wiser Woman’s Guide to Perimenopause and Menopause, which upon launch became an Amazon bestseller, and I’m the co-author of an award-winning book on motherhood.

Transform brings together everything that I have learned over the last eight years that built on my own experience of spontaneous healing. As I’ve shared wisdom from groundbreaking health modalities with my clients, I’ve watched their lives change in incredible ways.

My hope is that you too can experience new depths of transformation.


Perimenopause and menopause symptom relief is so important, but it’s only the first step!

"The Transform course with Tania was a beautiful eight-week journey. I had been feeling beleaguered by perimenopause symptoms and the stresses of midlife, and the course gently and powerfully supported me. It has both alleviated the problems I came with, and equipped me more deeply with understanding that will help me going forward in every aspect of life.

"I am using its wisdom every day to transform my experience of painful situations, and connect me to joy and peace.

"Tania is a wonderful teacher - clear, compassionate, humane and wise. She brings a safety to the group that meant that we connected quickly and deeply. I really looked forward to each weekly call and loved the daily emails of inspiration and encouragement. I highly recommend this course!"  


– Helena

Your investment is:

$555 (US) or the equivalent in Pounds Sterling.

Payment plans (3 payments of $200 or equivalent in Pounds Sterling) are available on request.


Please CONTACT ME if you wish to pay in installments or pay in Pounds Sterling (via bank transfer).

Transform is a course with LIMITED SPACES to ensure that each participant receives my support over the eight weeks.



"There is a beautiful graciousness in Tania and the understanding that she shares. I felt freedom in reaching a deeper understanding of the beauty and grace of womanhood, no matter the season. You will be giving yourself a wonderful gift to work with her."
– Toni

Enroll NOW with one payment of $555

Payment is in US Dollars. Payments are processed by SendOwl and PayPal.
By clicking ENROLL NOW you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

To pay in UK Pounds Sterling via bank transfer and/or to request access to a
payment plan.


What if I can't make the calls LIVE?

There will be a recording of each call available to all course participants. In addition, you will be able to send questions ahead of time that I will answer on the call.

How long will I be able to access the course materials?

You will have life-long access according to our Terms of Use.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I offer a 100% money back guarantee during the first two weeks of the course. This will provide you with sufficient time to engage with a quarter of the course materials and decide if the course is right for you. As soon as you enter the third week of the course, the money back guarantee expires.

What stage of the peri/menopause transition do I need to be in to gain from this course?

You will gain from this course at any stage of midlife change, including if you are in post-menopause and still experiencing symptoms and discomfort. 

Is this course appropriate for me if I am taking HRT and/or another medication?
Yes. Your medical choices are to be made between you and your doctor or healthcare provider. On this course, you will gain a new understanding of symptoms. The course focuses on transformation and reaching symptom relief from within.

How can a course help me reach symptom relief when surely something that works on a hormonal level is required?

From my personal experience and from the experiences of my clients, it is possible to reach symptom relief without "fixing" hormones. 

What if I don't have eight weeks to commit to this course?
You may enjoy my shorter three-week course. CLICK HERE for further details.

What if I still have questions about this course?
Feel free to contact me HERE.

Enroll NOW with one payment of $555 

Payment is in US Dollars. Payments are processed by SendOwl and PayPal.
By clicking ENROLL NOW you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

To pay in UK Pounds Sterling via bank transfer and/or to request access to a
payment plan.

"It has felt reassuring to hear Tania dispelling myths and beliefs that many of us unconsciously pick up regarding this period of change. I can see that what is really happening is kind, natural and ultimately helpful. I have been handed a potent invitation from my own body to cultivate a deeper and more tender connection with myself. I am in awe of what my body is doing, how it is doing it and how clearly it is communicating with me! Thank you Tania for your gentle presence, for making this empowering and well researched information accessible to women everywhere, and for pointing out a path through this time that now feels less like a trial and more like an unfolding adventure."

– Rachel Singleton, transformative coach at

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