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with Tania Elfersy

You desperately want to feel like yourself again!
Your physical and emotional symptoms appear to be multiplying and it seems like you've already tried everything. 
From anxiety, even around minor things, to "menopause rage" you barely recognize yourself anymore.
The sleepless nights are exhausting, the inability to move beyond fear and make a decision is frustrating, and the rising heat, dripping sweat, red-faced appearance are uncomfortable to say the least! 
I know first-hand how it feels to be barely coping with what life can throw at us at midlife.

AND I know that simple, natural relief from perimenopause and menopause symptoms can be reached and your innate well-being can return!

With everything we get told about our "crazy hormones" you may wonder how coaching could possibly transform your so-far crazy-making experience of midlife change.

But it can! 
Through coaching, we can allow your symptoms to become a thing of the past, AND our sessions will deliver so much more. 

By working together, you'll be able to experience perimenopause and menopause as a portal to a spiritual journey, where there are no limits to the life you can create for yourself.

with Tania Elfersy

The transformative coaching package includes:
10 one-hour coaching sessions over Zoom
PRICE: $1,000 US (or equivalent in UK Pounds Sterling).
Payment plans are available on request.

to set up a 30-minute exploratory call to discover how coaching can help you. 

I will send you a link to my online calendar to set up the call.

"It has been quite a while since I had some coaching sessions with Tania and I have only really just realised the profound change that has happened since. I am now off HRT, changing, amending different things incrementally and feeling better for it ... I am eating better, drinking less (if at all), enjoying exercise and putting myself first ‘more’ – I even lost a stone in weight! I have definitely slowed down, feel calmer and the anxiety is much shorter lived. Even when things do speed up as they inevitably do and difficult life events occur, I seem to be handling these times better. I have a lot to thank Tania for. It has all happened very slowly, so I suppose I didn’t really notice. But looking back now, all the changes seem to be much more deep rooted. I was initially after a quick fix – but have realised that was taking me away from the seeing what I really needed to see. Thanks Tania for helping me uncover my inner queen!"

– Emma, graphic artist

"I was mid-menopause and ‘suffering’ with everything possible! Night sweats ALL night long, anxiety, weight gain, insomnia and just general miserableness ... Over time, Tania helped me see that my body IS perfect and knows what to do when I let it do its job. I’ve also seen that when I stop over analyzing ‘problems’ I can really see the effect my thinking and lack of self-care has on my temple.
Today I feel ‘human’ as in I still feel the need to meddle and tamper but deep down, I know it does more harm than good.  I still have the odd night sweat and sleepless night but they’re not the end of the world and when I forget all about them, they don’t seem to exist!
Tania has such an innate ability that pointed me in the right direction to see my own innate health and wisdom and for that I will be eternally grateful. 🙏🏻"


"I cannot say enough about the amazing experience I had working with Tania. Before I came to her, I was full of worry, anxiety and confusion. She helped me see in a loving and supportive way how to look at things differently. She pointed me in a direction that opened up life to being a beautiful adventure. I still have the normal ups and downs of life but I am so much gentler with myself and handle them with a lot more grace. Tania has a sweet and easy going personality that makes it feel like you are talking with a friend or a loved one. I highly recommend working with her." 
– Sara

"After only one call, I realized my night sweats were being caused by some anxiety and within a week or two the night sweats disappeared!" Kate

"From my first coaching call with Tania I began to experience a sense of 
lightness and peace."


"Whatever I’ve brought to the session with Tania (and it’s been pretty diverse!), I have felt heard, with no judgement.  And then, with great expertise, she has helped me translate what I have known in theory into a new reality.  In the process I have relaxed and felt lighter.  Over time this has resulted in fewer symptoms and more acceptance of those that remain." – Debbie

"I had just one call with Tania and highly recommend her to any woman like myself who has been wrestling with midlife changes. She brought to me her lovely warm presence, her own hard-won wisdom around this powerful time of life, and her clear, kind way of explaining, and in only an hour I felt things shifting within me in new understanding. Even one call can be transformational!
Thank you very much Tania!"
– Helena

"I would definitely recommend working with and being guided by Tania. I have benefited a lot from her coaching, which has helped me find a sense of peace, a sense of lightness, and a sense that all is okay. Tania points to this very well with her soft and gentle style. She also has a very special and valuable way to talk about our innate health, especially women's health at various stages of life,
which is so empowering." 
– Virginie

"Thanks so much for all your listening and guidance. You've been awesome!!" – Trish

Please contact me using this form to set up a call.

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