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For women with an understanding of
The Three Principles of Innate Health who are experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms, suspected early menopause, menstrual irregularities or other symptoms
categorized as hormonal. 

Return to vibrant health and a more
joy-filled life through insight alone. 

You’ve seen how transformational an understanding of the 3Ps can be, but so far, relieving your hormone-related issues still appears challenging.


Through one-on-one coaching, you’ll discover how there are no limits to innate health, and witness how your body is perfectly designed to guide
you back to well-being, simply and naturally.

This is for you if one or more of the following apply:

  • You’ve heard amazing stories of physical symptoms disappearing through insight alone, and you’d love to progress along your healing journey with similar ease.

  • You’ve already sought the advice of numerous medical and alternative practitioners without reaching the results you desire.

  • You’ve started to fear that your case is an exception – untreatable, unhealable – somehow beyond the principle of Divine Mind.

  • You dream of living your life and fulfilling your desires unrestricted by the interference that it appears your hormones are creating.

  • In the meantime, life feels unpredictable and making plans feels complicated.

  • Once, experiencing health was your default. Now your symptoms seem to control what you can do, create and be.

  • You want to embrace a life of more joy and infinite possibilities.

  • It’s a challenge to tune into the lightness of life when you’re exhausted and anxious.

  • You’d love to stop the search after what can fix you, especially since you know in your heart that you cannot be broken.

Sara’s Story

Sara is an executive recruiter and mother of two. When we started working together in 2020, Sara had not had a period for almost six years. She was in her early 30s and at the time, a mother of one. Although she had no clear diagnosis, Sara feared she might have entered early menopause, which is why she reached out to work with me.

Sara and I had weekly coaching calls. At the time, Sara was also experiencing gut issues, anxiety and insomnia. She had seen numerous doctors and alternative health practitioners in an attempt to bring her body back into balance, but nothing seemed to be working.

After a few months of coaching, Sara’s periods returned. Within eighteen months of our first coaching call, Sara gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

The Innate Health Unlimited Coaching Package includes four one-on-one coaching calls, each an hour long and held on Zoom.

Through the transformative coaching sessions, you’ll deepen your existing understanding of innate health to tap into the healing guidance of your body.


By learning to trust the divine nature of our design, you’ll discover that no symptoms or conditions are too complicated. The insights you gain will not only serve you to move beyond your current challenges, but for decades to come.

"I was mid-menopause and ‘suffering’ with everything possible! Night sweats
ALL night long, anxiety, weight gain, insomnia and just general miserableness ... Over time, Tania helped me see that my body IS perfect and knows what to do when I let it do its job.

"Today, I have the odd night sweat and sleepless night but they’re not the end of the world and when I forget all about them, they don’t seem to exist!

"Tania has such an innate ability that pointed me in the right direction to see my own innate health and wisdom and for that I will be eternally grateful. 🙏🏻" – Trish

Tania Elfersy profile 5.jpg

Meet your transformative coach.


Hi, I’m Tania Elfersy.

Following years of research and experience in the natural health world, in 2015, I witnessed all my physical and emotional perimenopause symptoms disappear within days of a profound insight. Since then, I’ve been helping hundreds of women reach freedom from all manner of symptoms that we would categorize as hormonal – 100% naturally.

I’m the author of The Wiser Woman’s Guide to Perimenopause and Menopause, which upon launch became an Amazon bestseller, and I’m the co-author of an award-winning book on motherhood.

With so much confusing information out there on women’s health and hormones, I’ve already done the heavy work so you don’t have to.


In every coaching call, you’ll get to tap into my extensive knowledge, and advance with ease along the path to healing your health, and all areas of life.

"After only one call, I realized my night sweats were being caused by some anxiety and within a week or two the night sweats disappeared!" Kate

"I would definitely recommend working with and being guided by Tania. I have benefited a lot from her coaching, which has helped me find a sense of peace, a sense of lightness, and a sense that all is okay. Tania points to this very well with her soft and gentle style. She also has a very special and valuable way to talk about our innate health, especially women's health at various stages of life,
which is so empowering." 
– Virginie

"There is a beautiful graciousness in Tania and the understanding that she shares. I felt freedom in reaching a deeper understanding of the beauty and grace of womanhood, no matter the season. You will be giving yourself a wonderful gift to work with her." – Toni

The price for the Innate Health Unlimited Coaching Package is:
$1,000 (US)

Payment can also be made in Pounds Sterling via bank transfer. Payment plans are available on request.

Let's ensure this package is a good fit for you. Contact me to request a link to my online calendar to set up a FREE, no obligation 30-minute discovery call.

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