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  • Tania Elfersy

PODCAST: Menopause as a problem or the rite of passage of the Wise Woman?

The Waking The Wild podcast, hosted by the wonderful Lian Brook-Tyler, is one of my favourite podcast shows. I was delighted to be invited back as a return guest.

In the episode, I uncover a mystical experience from my 20s that has come back to empower me in my 50s. I had never spoken about this on a podcast before and I hope you might be inspired by the story and the insights I share.

Lian and I also discuss: - what has happened in the perimenopause and menopause space since I last appeared on the show four years ago. - how medicalizing menopause might erase a rite of passage that can impact women on an individual level and society as a whole.

Listen to the podcast episode "The menopause: A problem or the rite of passage of the Wise Woman?" on your preferred podcast app or by clicking HERE.


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