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  • Tania Elfersy

Menstrual Health: Three women share their stories of healing

When I healed my physical and emotional perimenopause symptoms back in 2015, I could not have imagined the extent by which my experience could help others. I just felt inspired to share what I had seen.

Since that time, and as my own understanding has deepened, I’ve become more convinced that we all hold the innate potential to heal.

In my work, I shine light on a healing path. The ability to heal symptoms of perimenopause and menopause comes from within each woman. When we go on a journey of healing, we are gifted with a sense of sovereignty and empowerment.

It gives me great joy to share stories from three women who, through engaging with my work in different ways, healed challenges that they were facing with their menstrual cycles. Their symptoms ranged from an unusually early cessation of periods, to heavy and erratic periods, to months of constant bleeding.

Tirza’s Story

Tirza Schaefer is an author and mother of three. She has published an impressive 34 books and counting. Tirza had been struggling with erratic and very heavy periods for a while. Her periods were also accompanied by some initial cramping, something which she had hardly ever experienced before. Many women experience such symptoms in perimenopause and the explanation women are given is that it’s their hormones.

Tirza had already made some lifestyle shifts during perimenopause, which had eased some of the other symptoms she had been experiencing. She then listened to an episode of the More Moss to the People podcast. In the podcast, Asa J Nilsson interviewed me and we discussed midlife as a healing journey.

Tirza explains:

"I listened to Tania on the More Moss to the People podcast and something shifted. My periods returned to normal and have been lighter ever since. The cramping on the first couple of days became negligible to non-existent. I heard Tania explain that the body knows and there's nothing wrong or dysfunctional about it. It made me sob really hard and that in itself showed me what beliefs I held about my own body. What an eyeopener. I'm so very grateful."

Julie’s Story

Julie Cluley is a mother of two and a dog behaviour coach at Julie Helps You Help Your Dog. She signed up for my 3-week online course some years ago after she had been touched by The Three Principles of Innate Health – the psychological and spiritual understanding that I share in my work.

On completing the course, Julie shared:

“Since I have finished The Wiser Women Course, I am feeling so much better and I have had so much insight around perimenopause generally, that it's just not a thing anymore! Even my bleeding that had been going on for seven months, stopped one week after the end of the course and hasn't returned since. Coincidence? Who knows? Thank you, Tania!"

Julie touched base with me last year and shared:

“It’s so bonkers! Menopause/perimenopause has remained not a ‘thing’ for me. I rarely give it any thought and when people talk about it in the usual narrative, I just feel confused and thankful something shifted fundamentally for me in this area. Thank you.”

Sara’s Story

Sara is an executive recruiter and mother of two. When we started working together in 2020, Sara had not had a period for almost six years. She was in her early 30s and at the time, a mother of one. Although she had no clear diagnosis, Sara feared she might have entered early menopause, which is why she reached out to work with me.

Sara and I had weekly coaching calls. At the time, Sara was also experiencing gut issues, anxiety and insomnia. She had seen numerous doctors and alternative health practitioners in an attempt to bring her body back into balance, but nothing seemed to be working.

After a few months of coaching, Sara’s periods returned. Within eighteen months of our first coaching call, Sara gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

A recent picture of Sara and her son.

If you are experiencing irregularities with your menstrual cycle, please first consult with a medical professional.

If you are seeking easy-to-access inspiration as you journey through perimenopause and menopause, check out the other posts and podcasts in my blog.

If you would like to explore other ways in which I can support you, please check out my online course or contact me directly to discuss coaching.


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