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  • Tania Elfersy

Menopause UNLEASHED: a powerful podcast episode exposing the fallacies of the dominant narrative

The talented and passionate menopause campaigner, Rachel Lankester, and I had a blast when we got together for a chat on her podcast, Magnificent Midlife.

Listeners have already told me that they found the episode eye-opening, enlightening and a joy to listen to!

On the podcast, we cover how healing perimenopause and menopause symptoms can be reached simply and naturally. In addition, we do not mince our words when we offer commentary around how history is currently repeating itself by rebranding HRT as a panacea for women at midlife and beyond.

In the episode we discuss: - What lead me to do the work I do - How the body doesn’t malfunction suddenly in midlife - The innate brilliance of the body and what that means for menopause symptoms - The importance of focusing on the emotional and spiritual side of the midlife journey - The insight that allowed me to free myself from my own menopause symptoms - My concerns about the narrative in the UK (which since recording the episode has crossed the pond to the US) - How women can best help themselves during midlife change - My thoughts on the documentary Sex, Mind and the Menopause

And more!

You can listen to the podcast HERE.

If you like the podcast, please share it with women who might love it too. And be sure to browse through the other Magnificent Midlife episodes. This podcast is an inspiring resource for anyone journeying through midlife.


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