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  • Tania Elfersy

Menopause in the workplace: a podcast and call to action!

Something is going on with regards to menopause in the UK. Given the global nature of trends in healthcare and medicine, I suspect it may be occurring in other countries, too.

As I detailed in my last blog post that I wrote in response to the recent Channel 4 documentary "Sex, Mind and the Menopause," the UK media has recently been flooded with perimenopause and menopause stories. Most of these stories are generating fear around women’s bodies and are promoting HRT, with almost no discussion around proven natural approaches that can support women during midlife change.

A number of women have reached out to me to share how the media programming around HRT, has led them to feel uncomfortable and under pressure.

“You should try HRT!” women are hearing from unlikely sources.

It appears that midlife change is being rebranded once again into a life-cycle event that absolutely requires a medical solution!

But not everyone is buying into the idea that we necessarily need something from outside of us to “fix” what’s going on within.

Sara Maude is the Managing Director of The Mind Solution, a company dedicated to advancing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. After she read my blog post on the Channel 4 documentary, she reached out and invited me to be a guest on her podcast. Sara wanted to share with her listeners a more hopeful message about midlife change: how women can indeed heal their perimenopause and menopause symptoms and reach a greater sense of wellbeing, simply and naturally.

On the podcast we discussed:

  • Why our hormones are not the problem!

  • The negative impact of the current dominant narrative around perimenopause and menopause.

  • Menopause and the stress response.

  • The wisdom of the body to manage this transition.

  • How women can change their experience of the menopause, which leads to symptom relief.

  • How each of us can reach a calmer, happier and more stress-free life through understanding how our experiences (at work, in our relationships and everywhere) are created.

At a time when many companies and organizations are looking for ways to offer women support during perimenopause and menopause, perhaps you know someone who might find this podcast useful.

YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE and please do share! The negative messages we are hearing about midlife change and women’s health from the mainstream media are influencing women’s perceptions of themselves, as well as other people’s perceptions about menopausal women! Together, we can shift the narrative to a more supportive and empowering one.

If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT ME directly.


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