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  • Tania Elfersy

Isn’t nature amazing . . . and it’s closer than we think!

“Isn’t nature amazing!” modern woman declared.

Did she remember she was part of it?

Perhaps there were times when she would find bliss in the intricate structure of flowers, the spider weaving its web, and a mother cat feeding its kittens.

She could even smile knowingly as she held in the palm of her hand an acorn, packed with the intelligence needed to create a great oak tree.

Yet, the wonders of nature appeared to delight in a world out there, beyond her body.

Many years ago, she entered into an unwritten contract signing away any possible wonder in connection to herself.

If there had been moments where she’d experienced magic from her own biology – perhaps within a surge of creative expression, during ecstasy in intimacy, as she experienced the birth of a child, or when her child suckled at her breast – those moments were surely washed away by a schedule, work to be done, goods to be bought – the duties we create in our oh-so modern lives.

And woman, especially come midlife, if she has bought into the idea that her hormones can spontaneously malfunction, as if they don’t know how to support her through perimenopause and menopause, then any part of her can spontaneously malfunction – her thyroid, her adrenals, her joints – as if none are part of nature, or sensitive to the interference we create when we innocently choose to walk a path at odds with our true selves.

It must be rare to find something amazing within her, modern woman has come to believe.

But what if we declared the old agreements void? After all, we entered into them as minors and no-one explained the outcomes of our continued participation under the terms that were imposed upon us.

We could not predict what it would mean to hand our power over to the modern medical narrative; to deny our innate ability to heal; to manipulate menstruation because it was deemed more convenient; to bury our intuition under all those answers found outside, where the voices are loud, and the script boosts pharma profits.

What if we started from scratch?

“Nature is amazing and I am part of nature!”

What then?

There would be no boundaries – no body, no organ, no hormone – defining where amazing stops.

We’d appreciate the divine intelligence behind all things, in all of woman, without exception.

And thus, we would understand woman’s essence floating between two states: in balance and in coherence with nature, or not.

And if not, the journey back would be clear, taking her through trust and relaxation, lightness and love.

Woman’s health can indeed be that simple.


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