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  • Tania Elfersy

Is anxiety inevitable during the menopause transition?

anxiety menopause

According to the mainstream narrative, women experience anxiety during the menopause transition because:

a) The ovaries create a deficiency, since they don’t know what hormones we need as we journey through perimenopause and menopause.

b) The brain causes a mental malfunction, since it can't cope with the new lower levels of hormones produced at this time.

Can we just stop for a minute and think about these claims?

Do they make sense to you?

Does it make sense that a woman’s body gets it so wrong in terms of its inherent design?

Does it make sense that medicine with its celeb menopause doctors comes along with modern theories about the female body, and while WOMAN gets it wrong, they get it right?

Does it make sense that doctors then offer women HRT to supposedly ease anxiety, when anxiety is also listed as a possible side-effect of the medicine?

Should we really be blaming our hormones and our brains?

Oh, but they say, the body works like that because women never used to live beyond menopause! As I’ve explained in a previous blog post, this is a myth. Doctors have to rely on this myth to back up the illogical notions they put forward as true.

So, what is going on with women’s mental health at midlife?

Women are more likely to experience anxiety and other forms of emotional discomfort at midlife not because our bodies have bugs in their design. Rather, we have innocently created lifestyle patterns in the West, which are incompatible with the sensitive years of midlife change.

The body knows how to move beyond our reproductive years smoothly.

Of course it does.

Just as in other sensitive periods in our lifecycles (adolescence, pregnancy and postpartum), suffering at this time is not inevitable.

Yet, if we live fast-paced lives, if we over-commit to what we think we should be doing, if we don’t respect our very primal need to slow down during perimenopause and menopause, and if we continue to believe the made-up “I’m not good enough” thoughts that enter our head, the body will start sending us messages to wake us up to the fact that we are creating unhealthy lifestyle patterns, which do not serve us.

My clients have watched their anxiety fall away, not through “fixing” their hormones or any other so-called chemical imbalance. Rather, I take my clients on a journey to reawaken their connection to the wisdom of the body. They learn how to read the body’s signals and symptoms.

I help the women I work with to reach an understanding of how every human experience, including one of anxiety, is created. With this new knowledge, women can move beyond anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings, simply and naturally, without needing to change the circumstances of their lives or interfere with the body on a physical level.

What clients learn is life-changing, because once a woman understands how her mental and physical health is created and maintained, it will serve her for decades to come.

A different experience of perimenopause and menopause awaits you if you are ready to leave behind the nonsense of the mainstream narrative, and embrace a more loving and empowering rite of passage. Anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings are not a necessary part of the menopause transition. Your body doesn’t want you to suffer at this time.

If you would like support to reach freedom from anxiety and other symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause, reach out by contacting me here. We can set up a FREE 30-minute discovery call to discuss your needs.


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