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  • Tania Elfersy

What creates perimenopause symptoms and what cures them 100% naturally?

If you're looking for a natural cure for perimenopause symptoms, then I have a podcast to share with you!

Claire Taylor from The Story Mill recently interviewed me and we covered, in detail, what creates and what cures perimenopause symptoms.

In the podcast, I reveal what I've discovered to be the simplest and most natural cure for perimenopause symptoms.

You can start implementing this cure today without taking pills or potions, changing your diet, using creams or even changing your daily routine.

Intrigued? You can find the podcast here on The Story Mill website.

Claire's podcast series is called Thriving Beyond Stress & Burnout and in addition to discussing perimenopause and a natural cure for perimenopause symptoms, we discussed stress in and out of the work place, motherhood, and the most fascinating change that occurs at midlife that as women, we absolutely need to embrace!

I hope that the podcast will offer you insight into your own experiences during perimenopause. Perhaps by sharing my story, I'll help you understand what created your perimenopause symptoms and what can cure them.

If the podcast raises any questions for you, feel free to contact me!

Claire is a former corporate Brand/Marketing Director, turned consultant and storytelling performer. When the recession created a trust gap in business, Claire understood that she could use her skills in storytelling to help businesses create better connections between people, and rebuild trust between her clients and their customers.

"When I understood the cure, all of my symptoms cleared up! I thought maybe I'd cleared up my emotional symptoms, but the migraines, the night sweats, the eczema, the skin problems . . . all of them cleared up! And this is why I'm sharing my knowledge with women. Perimenopause is such a misunderstood time in a woman's life."

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