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  • Tania Elfersy

How The Body Remembers (and why that can rip your jeans)

We can sit still and recall memories; but when we move, our bodies remember in a different way.

Here's how my body remembered:

I was arching and curving my back as my Gyrotonic teacher requested.

If you’re not familiar with Gyrotonic, it’s considered a type of yoga for dancers – it seems I’m a dancer at heart.

Gyrotonic has been good for my posture and my moving womb, and that day in my class, I felt I was making up for years of neglect.

As I arched my back one more time, I had an insight: perhaps it was time for my bottom to take its pride of place – more out, than in.

When I was growing up, my brothers often commented on my big butt.

“Of course they did,” a friend recently pointed out. “You were the only girl and the chances are that your bottom was growing in all directions while theirs weren’t changing shape at all.”

That makes sense.

Moving through my teenage years and beyond, I’d never been too concerned or overly conscious about any part of my body. As far as I can remember, I’ve never been ashamed of my butt and I can’t remember thinking it was too big.

And yet, I never stood with it out and proud. Perhaps, even without realizing it, I’d adjusted my posture to keep it in. Although I don’t remember taking other people’s comments about my body seriously, it’s possible my body did, and has held on to those comments ever since.

A few hours after my Gyrotonic class, I was stepping into chauffeur mode as I set off to deliver my kids to their afterschool activities. I climbed into the driver seat of my car and RRRIPPPP!

My butt decided to come out of my jeans! There was a huge tear in the denim from the waistband down toward my thighs.

I got out of the car and my children saw the gaping hole that now revealed my underwear. “Mommy!!!!” They burst out laughing.

Luckily we were still outside the house. Nowhere too public....

It was an unforgettable moment for my kids – the fun of it; and for me – for the first time in my life, on the same day that I’d contemplated how my butt should reposition itself, it burst out through my jeans.

Since then I’ve been wondering: what else has my body held on to over the years, without me being aware of it? What else does my body need to release at midlife?

And your body, when in movement – get ready to receive an insight about what you can release, too.

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