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is a special end-of-year package including:
- 5 one-hour coaching calls
- The Wiser Woman Online Course

at over 50% OFF the regular price!

Offer ends 21 December 2021.

Enjoy the offer now.
Start the course and coaching in December or January.


With Tania Elfersy

New Year Decorations

This package is for you if:

  • You’re done with just coping (or not coping) with your peri/menopause symptoms.

  • You want to embrace your vibrant self again.

  • You yearn to experience joy, presence and a life full of possibilities moving forward.

  • You’re ready to learn something new that will help you, and it would be great if it didn't feel like hard work!

  • You'd love to transform your experience of midlife change SIMPLY and NATURALLY! What a gift that would be!


Yes, I can! Because after running The Wiser Woman Course and coaching women through perimenopause and menopause for over six years, I have seen what incredible changes can and do happen when we work together!


LOOKING FORWARD TO A WONDERFUL 2022 delivers the best of what I can offer – my updated course and my coaching – in a supportive and one-on-one framework, at a hugely discounted price.

By taking the course alongside coaching, you will have a ready-made structure for accountability. You’ll want to complete each week of the course in time for our calls, and on each coaching call, you’ll be able explore and ask questions to deepen your understanding of what’s actually going on in peri/menopause and how it is possible to journey through this time with fewer symptoms, more presence and expanded joy!


You get to choose when to kick off LOOKING FORWARD TO A WONDERFUL 2022!

If you would like to start the online course and coaching in the holiday period, you can – I will send you the first week of the course on a date that you decide and there will be coaching times available throughout the holiday season.


If you would like to start the online course and coaching in January, you can – everything will begin on the date that you decide!




Over the years, I’ve coached women from in their late 30s, 40s and through to their late 50s. Many of them had been on long journeys to try and find solutions for their symptoms and they were able to turn their lives around through the understandings of the human experience that I share. 

Luckily, ALL women have exactly what you have – an innate bodily intelligence that is designed to keep us aligned and in wellbeing, simply and naturally. Through our time together you will come to understand how that works, and when you do, expect miracles!

Purple Glow

" Even within the first week, I felt a new sense of internal quiet. It was as if something inside had been released. I was surprised that I could feel a shift so quickly and I could implement what I had learned from Tania so effortlessly. It was as if my struggles just melted away."
– Emma, entrepreneur 


"Tania was great at reminding me about how to tune into my body and mind and know they are connected. After only one call, I realized my night sweats were being caused by some anxiety and within a week or two the night sweats disappeared!"
– Kate, leadership and transformation coach

The one-hour coaching calls will be held on Zoom at a time of your choice. Although I am in a European time-zone, I have coached women from California to New Zealand, and usually there are no  problems finding a convenient time for a call, especially since I work some evenings and on Sundays. 

"There is a beautiful graciousness in Tania and the understanding that she shares. I felt freedom in reaching a deeper understanding of the beauty and grace of womanhood, no matter the season. You will be giving yourself a wonderful gift to work with her."
– Toni, woman at midlife


This 3-week online program will show you how so much of what we are told about midlife change is grounded in myth, and it will open the door to a new empowering understanding of perimenopause and menopause that will take you on a new and exciting path to transformation.

"Since completing The Wiser Women course, I have been able to stop taking bio identical hormones, my hot flushes are gone and my anxiety and my sleep have greatly improved. Before I started the course, I was very unwell and was finding it hard to get through each day. Thank you Tania for letting me know that my body is not broken; it’s guiding me through this stage of my life. I appreciate your advice and wisdom and am so happy to be feeling better."
– Celia, mother of 3 and business owner

The Wiser Woman course content is online and password protected. As soon as you set your start date (by following the simple steps outlined in the welcome email) the system will be programmed to send you the details to access Week 1 of the course on your chosen date.

One week after your start date and then two weeks after your start date, you’ll receive additional emails with links to access the course materials for each week.

You'll be able to access the course from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with internet access. The course materials include videos, audios and some fun and creative exercises. Also included are two short guided meditations – no prior experience in meditating is needed, at all!

The audios can also be downloaded and listened to while offline on any device (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Purchasing this package gives you lifetime access to all the course materials. This allows you to work in your own time and repeat the course as often as you like.

To successfully complete the online content of the course, each week you’ll need to schedule and commit to spending up to one-and-a-half hours of undisturbed time going through the course materials – just like you'd set aside time for yoga, or acupuncture, or Pilates – totally doable!

3-4 times a year, I run a series of LIVE webinars for all course participants and graduates. You will be invited to join and will have access to the recordings.


When you purchase the package, you'll also be invited to join the course Facebook group, which is private. This is a space to ask any additional questions and connect with other course participants.

Woman Sipping Coffee

The course is designed to completely change your experience of peri/menopause!

Week 1: The Foundations
What is really going on in perimenopause and menopause?
Why me? Why now?
How my thoughts and your thoughts are affecting us at midlife.


Week 2: Discovery
Who is The Wiser Woman?
What is innate wisdom and why it's a game changer. 
Finding your personal journey to symptom relief.


Week 3: Moving Forward
Wiser, happier, healthier.
A different life at our age and at any age.
Why it makes perfect sense that the best is yet to come.

Pink Flower

"I loved The Wiser Woman Course and it came to me at a time when I was constantly battling with myself, my life and my symptoms. The knowledge Tania imparted about how menopausal women have been seen as broken and in need of ‘fixing’  so we are more acceptable, was so inspiring! It helped clarify that my body is amazing and it is doing what it is designed to do. I was able to accept my symptoms (well more often anyway) instead of resisting them, which gave me such relief. My hot flushes are now negligible, my sleep has improved and I feel more peaceful with my life. Thank you Tania. Your course has been life changing and inspirational."
– Heather, business manager for family farm

If you have any questions about this package,
contact me and I'll be happy to respond!


  1. Click BUY NOW below or CONTACT ME to complete a payment in British Pounds (if you would rather pay in £ instead of $US – I will forward you details on how to complete a bank transfer).

  2. When you click BUY NOW, you'll arrive at a secure checkout page where you can choose to pay with PayPal or a credit card (payments securely processed by our partners SendOwl).  

  3. When you complete your payment, you'll receive a welcome email from and confirmation of your purchase from Flower Cap Press (Tania Elfersy's publishing company).

  4. You'll be asked in the welcome email to follow two simple steps to confirm your start date (the day when you wish to start The Wiser Woman course). Within the welcome email, you'll also receive details on how to book your coaching calls.

  5. If you wish to start your coaching calls during the holiday period and you find a suitable time slot (there will a good choice of available times), please feel free to book then!



or contact me to pay the equal amount
in £ (GBP) via bank transfer


  • 5 one-hour online coaching calls

  • Immediate access to The Wiser Woman Course

  • Life-long access to all course materials

  • Access to LIVE webinars for participants and graduates

  • Additional online support via the course Facebook group

  • OPTIONAL BONUS: FREE 30 minute Tarot reading on a subject of your choice!

This special offer with over 50% OFF regular prices is only available till 21 December 2021!

Online prices are in US dollars.
By completing the payment, you agree to our
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


We process payments securely with:

"I've just completed the 3 week online ‘The Wiser Woman’ course and I’m so glad that I did. I was hesitant to join at first as I was worried that Tania was completely anti the medical route for perimenopause/menopause and/or anxiety and that it would be about her way or the highway! How wrong I was! Tania is such a warm, receptive, open and lovely coach that from listening to her very first introductory video in week 1, I knew I’d made the right decision. I’ve been feeling better and I feel so much more positive continuing into perimenopause knowing that my body really is doing what it’s meant to do and I’ve got this! Thanks Tania for your amazing insights!"

– Sonia, a working mum with 2 children

"I cannot say enough about the amazing experience I've had working with Tania. Before I came to her, I was full of worry, anxiety and confusion. She helped me see in a loving and supportive way how to look at things differently. She pointed me in a direction that opened up life to being a beautiful adventure. I still have the normal ups and downs of life but I am so much gentler with myself and handle them with a lot more grace. Tania has a sweet and easy going personality that makes it feel like you are talking with a friend or a loved one. I highly recommend working with her."

 – Sara, mum of two

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