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When we discuss Universal Mind as it expresses itself in a physical form, perhaps we're reminded of an acorn becoming an oak tree or a cut on our skin healing without us having to intervene. However, we wanted to discuss Universal Mind and menstruation, pregnancy, birth and menopause.

Listen to the webinar to explore the body's wisdom and how women are guided through the major milestones of their life-cycles. Discover how an understanding of The Three Principles can shed light on the concept of our “raging hormones," as well as the fear of birth and the birth experience itself, including pain and postpartum depression or trauma.

About Tania Elfersy: By weaving her understanding of The Three Principles with her knowledge on midlife women's health, Tania guides women to a 100% natural cure for perimenopause and menopause symptoms. She's also the co-author and publisher of an award-winning book on the impact of motherhood on women’s lives.

About Deborah Binun: Deborah is a Psychotherapist who works predominantly with pregnant women. In sharing the Three Principles, she enables women to gain a deeper understanding of their fears, birth experience and pre and post natal depression.

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