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Since completing The Wiser Women course, I have been able to stop taking bio identical hormones, my hot flushes are gone and my anxiety and my sleep have greatly improved. Before I started the course, I was very unwell and was finding it hard to get through each day. Thank you Tania for letting me know that my body is not broken; it’s guiding me through this stage of my life. I appreciate your advice and wisdom and am so happy to be feeling better.  

Celia, mother of 3 and business owner

It has been quite a while since I had some coaching sessions with Tania and I have only really just realised the profound change that has happened since. I am now off HRT, changing, amending different things incrementally and feeling better for it – most of the time. But feeling less freaked by the times I don’t. I am eating better, drinking less (if at all), enjoying exercise and putting myself first ‘more’ – I even lost a stone in weight! I have definitely slowed down, feel calmer and the anxiety is much shorter lived. Even when things do speed up as they inevitably do and difficult life events occur, I seem to be handling these times better.

I have a lot to thank Tania for. It has all happened very slowly, so I suppose I didn’t really notice. But looking back now, all the changes seem to be much more deep rooted. I was initially after a quick fix – but have realised that was taking me away from the seeing what I really needed to see.

Thanks Tania for helping me uncover my inner queen!

– Emma, graphic artist


I would like to share that since I have finished the wiser women course, I am feeling so much better and I have had so much insight around perimenopause generally, that it's just not a thing anymore! Even my bleeding that had been going on for 7 months, stopped one week after the end of the course and hasn't returned since. Coincidence? Who knows??? Thank you Tania!
– Julie Cluley, mother of 2 and dog behaviour coach at Julie Helps You Help Your Dog

Even within the first week, I felt a new sense of internal quiet. It was as if something inside had been released. I was surprised that I could feel a shift so quickly and I could implement what I had learned from Tania so effortlessly. It was as if my struggles just melted away.

– Emma, entrepreneur 

I've been profoundly moved by Tania’s work and I’m always keen to recommend that my clients, who are journeying through perimenopause and menopause, listen to what she shares. Engaging with the understanding that Tania points to can be effortless, but the impact it can have on a woman’s life cannot be underestimated. I have witnessed first-hand how even a short encounter with Tania’s work can leave a woman inspired, uplifted and empowered. The fresh understanding of midlife change that she shares can and does completely transform a woman’s experience of perimenopause and menopause on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. 

– Nicola Bird, Transformative Coach and founder of A Little Peace of Mind 


Tania was great at reminding me about how to tune into my body and mind and know they are connected. After only one call, I realized my night sweats were being caused by some anxiety and within a week or two the night sweats disappeared!
– Kate, leadership and transformation coach

I did The Wiser Woman course recently (and I'm not an online course sort of person usually), and it was absolutely brilliant! I finally feel as though my menopause symptoms might be going. What a gift!

– Fliss, complementary therapist

I loved The Wiser Woman Course and it came to me at a time when I was constantly battling with myself, my life and my symptoms. The knowledge Tania imparted about how menopausal women have been seen as broken and in need of ‘fixing’  so we are more acceptable, was so inspiring! It helped clarify that my body is amazing and it is doing what it is designed to do. I was able to accept my symptoms (well more often anyway) instead of resisting them, which gave me such relief. My hot flushes are now negligible, my sleep has improved and I feel more peaceful with my life. Thank you Tania. Your course has been life changing and inspirational."

Heather, business manager for family farm


I cannot say enough about the amazing experience I had working with Tania. Before I came to her, I was full of worry, anxiety and confusion. She helped me see in a loving and supportive way how to look at things differently. She pointed me in a direction that opened up life to being a beautiful adventure. I still have the normal ups and downs of life but I am so much gentler with myself and handle them with a lot more grace. Tania has a sweet and easy going personality that makes it feel like you are talking with a friend or a loved one. I highly recommend working with her. 
– Sara, executive recruiter and mother of 2


I had just one call with Tania (at least to date - there may be more in the future) and highly recommend her to any woman like myself who has been wrestling with midlife changes and could do with a wise, insightful ear. She brought to me her lovely warm presence, her own hard-won wisdom around this powerful time of life, and her clear, kind way of explaining, and in only an hour I felt things shifting within me in new understanding. Over the following days certain ideas I had been holding onto that weren't serving me just seemed to melt away. Her support felt authentic and strong, both during the call and since. I am very grateful to have encountered her work and recommend her wholeheartedly. Even one call can be transformational. Thank you very much Tania!
– Helena Lyons, Sophrologist 
 at sophrowisdom


From my first coaching call with Tania I began to experience a sense of  lightness and peace. Speaking to Tania felt like having coffee with a friend as she gently and lovingly guided me by listening and encouraging as I shared my symptoms and struggles. I can now see how important it is to listen to my body, slow down and simply rest when that is what my body is calling for during this sensitive, perimenopause time. If you want to learn to live more lightly and understand perimenopause, I highly recommend some coaching sessions with Tania.

– Bronwyn, mother of 3


As a family doctor, a women’s health doctor and a sexual and relationship
therapist, I struggled for more than 30 years to find the best ways to help women
feel comfortable and happy and enjoy every stage of their lives. I could see – as most people do at some level – that not only our experience of life – but even our bodies, the chemical reactions in our bodies and our hormones –were all greatly impacted by our thoughts. Although little attention was paid to this hugely important aspect of health, life
and our experience of our bodies by the medical establishment at the time, I did my best to find answers – by training in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and many other psychological and energetic techniques. I found that many of the techniques helped – to an extent – but I knew I was still missing something crucial. Eventually, I came across what I had been searching for all those years – the simple understanding of how every experience we have (including in the physical body) comes about. This simple understanding is what Tania Elfersy shares in her own amazingly clear and powerful way – from her own experience. So, however skeptical you are about the power of the mind in creating our experience of health or ill health, I highly recommend exploring and being open minded to what Tania has to offer.

– Dr Anne Curtis, 


I'm not entirely sure whether I found The Wiser Woman or it found me! Regardless, Tania's wisdom was just what I needed, just when I needed it most. At first, I was resistant to some of what she was sharing. It was not how I saw my own experience. Over time though, my understanding changed and I now see and share the truth of what she is pointing to. I am so grateful.

– Sarah, CEO

I would definitely recommend working with and being guided by Tania. I have benefited a lot from her coaching, which has helped me find a sense of peace, a sense of lightness, and a sense that all is okay. Tania points to this very well with her soft and gentle style. She also has a very special and valuable way to talk about our innate health, especially women's health at various stages of life, which is so empowering.
– Virginie, nutrition coach


I've just completed the 3 week online ‘The Wiser Woman’ course and I’m so glad that I did. I was hesitant to join at first as I was worried that Tania was completely anti the medical route for perimenopause/menopause and/or anxiety and that it would be about her way or the highway! How wrong I was! Tania is such a warm, receptive, open and lovely coach that from listening to her very first introductory video in week 1, I knew I’d made the right decision. I’ve been feeling better and I feel so much more positive continuing into perimenopause knowing that my body really is doing what it’s meant to do and I’ve got this! Thanks Tania for your amazing insights!

– Sonia, a working mum with 2 children

I urge every woman in their late 30s and 40s to go and listen to Tania. What she has to say is truly ground breaking, shedding light on the rarely spoken about topic of perimenopause. Whilst many women in this age range often experience the symptoms, with the lack of knowledge and understanding in the area, they can often go for years feeling out of sorts without knowing why. At last, Tania provides an explanation of what's really going on. Clearly and eloquently presenting the history and research with passion and humour, you will be hooked from beginning to end. Importantly, Tania outlines the simple and powerful solution, drawing on her own fascinating experience of perimenopause, where she overcame all her symptoms. A must for every woman!

– Deborah Binun, psychotherapist and founder of Birth Free

Thank you for all that you do - your work is so meaningful! You are an inspiration!

– Kjersti Østvik, Certified Change Coach at Ostvik

Finding a way to navigate the menopause without using conventional methods often proved frustrating or disappointing - until I found the Wiser Woman Course. Once I started this course, I realised how I had the answers within me the whole time. I could not recommend this highly enough to any woman experiencing menopausal symptoms and feeling overwhelmed.

– Franchine, owner of natural organic skincare company, Franchine Young


Thanks so much for all your listening and guidance. You've been awesome!!

– Trish, luxury lodge owner

Whatever I’ve brought to the session with Tania (and it’s been pretty diverse!), I have felt heard, with no judgement.  And then, with great expertise, she has helped me translate what I have known in theory into a new reality.  In the process I have relaxed and felt lighter.  Over time this has resulted in fewer symptoms and more acceptance of those that remain. 

Debbie, life and business coach

Tania has a wealth of wisdom and a beautiful spirit and speaks knowledgeably and passionately about the perimenopausal years. In a world of quick fixes and silver bullets, it's refreshing to find someone offering us reassurance that our bodies are not broken—they're brilliant! The idea of acknowledging that brilliance and shifting our perspective to view our symptoms as positive communications with our inner wise women makes it entirely possible to embrace our midlife magnificence and, in doing so, serve as role models for our daughters and granddaughters.

– The (Sorta) Secret Sisterhood

Thank you for sharing what you know to be true. I, for one, appreciate it hugely and have no doubt there are many, many others who do, too.
– Katie, communications manager

I think the more people that hear this message the better!

– Rachel, teacher

I've been following Tania since I received her inspiring book "Purple Leaves, Red Cherries" when I was a young mom. That book kept me encouraged through some hard days (and nights). Nowadays, all grown up, reading Tania's words on The Wiser Woman makes so much sense! Finally things come together and I realize I am normal! Thank you and keep on spreading the wisdom that made me feel me!

– Dikla, tired mother of 3

Tania has hit on an area that's not talked about or written about enough. Her Wiser Woman Course is a breath of realistic and seriously inspiring fresh air.

It's a perfect balance of informative, well researched material and practical advice. The format of the course is easy to use and its teachings slip effortlessly into your everyday life.

– Victoria, teacher

I listened to Tania and a whole new world opened up. Everything she said made so much sense – why had I never heard or thought about this before? She totally changed the way I think about perimenopause.

– Anne, author

Tania's story and her wisdom are just what us peri/menopausal women need. Tania talks about how our bodies are NOT broken mechanisms but are perfectly working instruments that are simply looking to communicate with us. The wisdom is already in you and me. She helps you pull it out! I love what she shares!

– Audrey Groeschel, business coach and founder of Goddess at the Grindstone

Now it’s clear that even as I struggle to balance my many roles – mother, wife, consultant, student, etc. – there is a beautiful, free, calm, secure person always within me. 

– Lisa, rabbinical student

I had heard of perimenopause and had some wacky things going on in my mid-40s body. What else was there to learn? LOTS. I emerged from the presentation totally inspired, informed and empowered. So grateful to Tania for sharing her wisdom!

– Hadass, PR manager

The Wiser Woman Course is a massage for your soul: non-invasive yet powerful, it awakens the wisdom within you and leaves you stronger.

– Rachel, mother of 5

There is a beautiful graciousness in Tania and the understanding that she shares. I felt  freedom in reaching a deeper understanding of the beauty and grace of womanhood, no matter the season. You will be giving yourself a wonderful gift to work with her.
– Toni, woman at midlife


Tania, thank you for the great insights .... Very grateful for the knowledge! Spread it to the world!! 
– Bianca, artist

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