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Intuitive Reading Feedback

I absolutely loved being able to offer you an intuitive reading!

I have already received some great feedback from women who received a reading and I would love to hear more about your experience.

I would be very grateful if you could provide:

1. General feedback (which will remain unpublished), including any constructive criticism you may have

2. A testimonial about the reading, which can include how you experienced the reading and anything that has happened since.

Please complete to submit your feedback

If you have written a testimonial, please include your first name and a title to be published under the testimonial, in the "Name and Title" field below.


For example:
"Jill, health coach" or "Jill, mother of 2" or "Jill, student of life."

Whatever you feel comfortable with! The title helps readers relate more to your experience.

If you'd rather not use your first name, feel free to use a pseudonym.

If you'd like to use your full name and link to your business, I'll be happy to do that (in which case, please include your name and business in the "Name and Title" field and your website in the "Business URL" field).

The next three fields are for admin purposes only and will not be published:

By clicking the Submit button you agree that your testimonial, first name, title and business URL (if provided) can be published on The Wiser Woman website, social media channels and in marketing materials related to The Wiser Woman project.

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