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Thank you for enrolling in THE WISER WOMAN LIVE COURSE 
and congratulations on taking the first step to transform your experience of midlife change!

The LIVE course will begin on Monday 2 May 2022.


A receipt and welcome email have been sent to your email.


If you can't find these two emails in your inbox, please check your spam.


If these emails have not arrived, please contact me.

To make sure future emails from The Wiser Woman always reach
your inbox, please add my email address to your contacts.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you on the course!


Ensure The Wiser Woman emails always arrive in your Primary inbox with these easy steps:

  1. Select The Wiser Woman email.

  2. Drag to the Primary tab.

  3. A small orange window will open under the search box in Gmail asking if you want to move all future messages from The Wiser Woman to your Primary Inbox, click YES.




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