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  • Tania Elfersy

Seeing through the illusion of menopause

This coming Sunday, I’m giving a talk and workshop in London (if you’d like to come, and you haven’t booked your ticket yet, book your ticket for the event HERE).

Leading up to the event, I’ve noticed just how many people are scared to talk about menopause.

In the West, we learn that menopause is the end rather than a new beginning. We’ve been convinced that from here on in, it’s downhill to a life of inevitable disease. And when we’re faced with symptoms, we think we must need fixing, because surely we’re broken.

In this light, of course menopause is scary and we won’t want to think about change. But the truth is, in this light we’re seeing an illusion.

When we shift our perspective, menopause is nothing short of fascinating!

We have a built-in guidance system that wants to lead us to a path of good health, and protect us for decades to come! That’s what’s at the heart of menopause and that’s not scary at all – it’s brilliant!

If we come into midlife and we’re not giving love and attention to our wellbeing, our body is going to talk to us in many ways (through symptoms) until we wake up and start taking better care of ourselves.

Sometimes when we’re swimming in a soup of symptoms, relief can come in a form of a pill, patch or cream. But as many women have shared, if all they’ve done when faced with symptoms is seek out external relief, without looking within and connecting to something infinitely more intelligent than anything that comes in a package, when they stop taking the pill, or using the patch or cream, symptoms return.

When I saw something so simple that helped shift my perspective almost five years ago, I witnessed all my emotional and physical symptoms disappear within days. It set me on a journey to share what I’d seen so that others can also embrace the most natural and empowering route to symptom relief.

A shift in perspective, even about something that we experience as overwhelming, such as perimenopause and menopause, leads to transformation. I’ve seen shifts happen at every live event I’ve held and it hasn’t mattered if there are 10 women in room, or 80.

As I've shared before, many who’ve encountered my work have called me crazy, while others question how I can even talk about menopause without any medical qualifications. I have no medical qualifications, but what I do have is my experience of seeing how easy it was to fall back into my innate health, and these days I watch women who I work with do the same. I think that counts for quite a lot.

When we see through the illusion that has been created around menopause, things start to change. And midlife ends up changing us for the better!

Hope to see you in London, if you’re around!!

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