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Freedom from symptoms. Freedom from fear.
Embrace a glorious sovereign path
back to your innate well-being.



Pharma interests have aligned with celebs to convince you that menopause is a deficiency, trigger of disease,
and a condition that needs to be medicated for life. 


Your stars have aligned to allow you to discover the

Meno Freedom Fest!

During 12 weeks of group and individual coaching, you’ll learn to tap into the brilliance of the body to heal your perimenopause and menopause symptoms. 

We’ll restore emotional and spiritual well-being, which will allow the body to align the physical realm – no hormone “fix” required!


With your new level of consciousness, you’ll experience a calmer, healthier, more joy-filled life. You'll notice how your relationships improve, crises fade away and past traumas hold less relevance.


When we're guided by the innate intelligence stored in the body, healing all parts of life becomes simpler than we think.

Meno Freedom Fest is for you if one or more of the following apply:

  • You’re committed to finding a 100% natural route to perimenopause and menopause symptom relief, with ZERO side-effects. 

  • You’ve heard menopause doctors trying to convince you that HRT is the only way to go and you want none of it!

  • You’ve already tried different natural approaches in an attempt to feel better, but you’re still experiencing night sweats, hot flushes, anxiety, migraines, skin problems, or more.

  • You long for more harmony in your family and/or work life, but you seem to be always facing another crisis, and you struggle to escape a sense of overwhelm.

  • You dream of waking up without a feeling of dread for your day, but then you wake up with that feeling, again.

  • You desire sleep-filled nights and calmer days so that you can consciously slow-down to a more loving rhythm in life.

"I listened to Tania and a whole new world opened up. Everything she said made so much sense – why had I never heard or thought about this before? She totally changed the way I think about perimenopause." – Anne


"I am now off HRT, changing, amending different things incrementally and feeling better for it...I am eating better, drinking less (if at all), enjoying exercise and putting myself first ‘more’ – I even lost a stone in weight! I have definitely slowed down, feel calmer and the anxiety is much shorter lived. 

"I have a lot to thank Tania for. It has all happened very slowly, so I suppose I didn’t really notice. But looking back now, all the changes seem to be much more deep rooted. I was initially after a quick fix – but have realised that was taking me away from seeing what I really needed to see. Thanks Tania for helping me uncover my inner queen!"  – Emma

At midlife, it can certainly feel like we’re facing non-stop challenges. Perimenopause and menopause are sensitive times but then add changing family dynamics, work pressures, social instability, and more, and it can feel like we’ve lost our ability to cope.

However, even with our hormones in flux, even when faced with circumstances that we didn’t desire, we can have a smoother journey through these years of change.

As the body guides us through a rite of passage so that we graduate to a wiser woman, symptoms are NOT inevitable and relying on external products to feel more like ourselves is NOT a must.

With my support, as you return to your innate well-being, what you’ll learn during Meno Freedom Fest will not only serve you during perimenopause and menopause, it will set you up for a life with vibrant health and more joy for decades to come.

Join Meno Freedom Fest and you will receive:

12 weeks of group coaching via Zoom around the core aspects of perimenopause and menopause, and how to create a more aligned and harmonious life. During these 90-minute weekly calls we’ll be:

  • Debunking the “crazy hormone” story.

  • Rebuilding trust in your body.

  • Learning how to let the body’s brilliance guide us through these years of change and beyond.

  • Reconnecting with the source of your innate health. 

  • Discovering how we can have a less stressful experience of any circumstance, without having to change the circumstance itself.

  • Shifting your consciousness so that you can embrace more joy-filled relationships in all areas of life.

  • Future-proofing your well-being, so that you’re never too far from calm and peace of mind, no matter what.

2 one-hour individual coaching calls via Zoom, which you can book from the moment you join. These calls will enable us to focus on healing the areas that are causing you the most discomfort.

Voice message exchanges via Telegram. Once a week on Wednesdays, I will answer voice messages sent to the program Telegram group or to me directly. This will allow you to gain answers to important questions that arise between the group calls.

AN EARLY BIRD BONUS FOR ALL THOSE WHO JOIN MENO FREEDOM FEST UNTIL 15 AUGUST 2024: The Wiser Woman Course (worth $149). You can start this 3-week online course as soon as you join. This will begin your healing journey right away. You'll be set up to witness even more profound changes in all areas of life as soon as the group coaching starts on 8 September 2024.

Tania Elfersy coach.jpg

Meet your transformative coach.


Hi, I’m Tania Elfersy.
Following years of research and experience in the natural health world, in 2015, I witnessed all my physical and emotional perimenopause symptoms disappear within days of a profound insight. 

Since then, I’ve been helping hundreds of women reach freedom from night sweats and hot flushes, anxiety and mood swings, insomnia and fatigue, and much more – 100% naturally.

I’m the author of The Wiser Woman’s Guide to Perimenopause and Menopause, which upon launch became an Amazon bestseller, and I’m the co-author of an award-winning book on motherhood.

Meno Freedom Fest brings together everything that I’ve learned that led to my own spontaneous healing experience, and that has allowed me to support so many women on their journeys back to well-being.


Over the years, as I’ve shared wisdom from groundbreaking health modalities with my clients, I’ve watched their lives change in incredible ways.


Now it’s your turn!

"We’ve been conditioned to believe so many stories, including that our bodies don’t work properly in menopause but it turns out all of that is just not true. I've noticed that I feel much more connected to my body now. I am tuning in and trusting its guidance. That trust had been broken at some point but it now feels renewed and loving again.


"In terms of the physical symptoms, I now wake up most days feeling well. To put that in context, since I burned out in 2015, that had not been the case. I am not sure if burnout came before menopause or vice versa but since the start of 2015, I have had a cloudy head and felt downright rough every morning. To see that melt away has been profound and life changing."  – Clare


"I would definitely recommend working with and being guided by Tania. I have benefited a lot from her coaching, which has helped me find a sense of peace, a sense of lightness, and a sense that all is okay. Tania points to this very well with her soft and gentle style. She also has a very special and valuable way to talk about our innate health, especially women's health at various stages of life,
which is so empowering." 
– Virginie

Meno Freedom Fest – the details

The main coaching program will begin on:

Sunday 8 September 2024 at 3pm UK time, 10am EDT. The group coaching calls will be approximately 90 minutes long.

All calls will be recorded and the recording will be accessible as soon as it's uploaded (usually by the morning after the call).

Calls will be held on Sundays at the same time throughout September, October and November, with the last call on Sunday 1 December. There will be no call on Sunday 3 November.

Total group coaching calls: 12 

Your two individual coaching calls can be booked for any time from enrollment until 1 December 2024.

Voice messaging. In between the group coaching calls, you can send a question via a voice message in the program's Telegram group or to me directly. I will answer all questions on Wednesdays.


Once you join Meno Freedom Fest, you'll receive an email with all details on how to access the group coaching calls, book your individual coaching calls, and on how to join the program's Telegram group for messaging.

As an early bird bonus for booking before 15 August 2024, you will also gain immediate access to The Wiser Woman Course. This is a 3-week online course that will start your healing journey. You can go through the course at your own pace. Each week of the course will require up to 90-minutes of your time to listen to the audios, guided meditations and complete the exercises.


The price of  Meno Freedom Fest is  $999(US)


Payment can also be made in Pounds Sterling via bank transfer.

A payment plan of three monthly payments of $355 is available on request.

Please CONTACT ME if you wish to pay in Pounds Sterling or via a payment plan.



Prices are in US dollars.

Joining now gives you immediate access to the EARLY BIRD BONUS of
The Wiser Woman Course.

By purchasing the Meno Freedom Fest program, you agree to our
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

"There is a beautiful graciousness in Tania and the understanding that she shares. I felt freedom in reaching a deeper understanding of the beauty and grace of womanhood, no matter the season. You will be giving yourself a wonderful gift to work with her."
– Toni


What if I can't make the calls LIVE?

There will be a recording of each call available to all Meno Freedom Fest participants. In addition, every week, you will be able to send questions ahead of time that I will answer on the call.

How long will I be able to access the recordings?

You will have life-long access according to our Terms of Use.

How can I decide which of your courses, programs or packages is right for me?
You will have to ask your intuition to help you out! Through my work, I help women heal through shifts in consciousness. I cannot predict when these shifts will happen in each woman, but I create the conditions that make shifts likely.

For some women they listen to my podcast interviews on repeat and then something shifts. Other women have had major healing experiences from my 3-week online course (The Wiser Woman Course). Other women have had major healing experiences after months of one-on-one coaching. Each woman is different. I'm excited about Meno Freedom Fest because I believe it offers women a great combination of live learning and connection with a like-minded group, individual coaching, and many opportunities to ask me direct questions and tap into my extensive knowledge and experience.

What stage of the peri/menopause transition do I need to be in to gain from Meno Freedom Fest?

You will gain from this program at any stage of midlife change, including if you are in the early days of perimenopause, or if you're post-menopause and still experiencing symptoms and discomfort. 

Is Meno Freedom Fest appropriate for me if I am taking medication or supplements?
Yes. Your medical choices are to be made between you and your doctor or healthcare provider. During this program, you will gain a new understanding of symptoms and how to naturally access your innate health. The course focuses on transformation and reaching natural symptom relief from within.

How can an online program help me reach symptom relief when surely something that works on a hormonal level is required?

From my personal experience and from the experiences of my clients over the last nine years, it's absolutely possible to reach emotional and physical symptom relief without "fixing" hormones. 

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I offer a conditional money back guarantee during the first two weeks of  Meno Freedom Fest. This will provide you with sufficient time to decide if the program is right for you. If you received The Wiser Woman Course as part of your early bird bonus, the full price of The Wiser Woman Course ($149) will be deducted from your refund. If you held one or more individual coaching calls before cancelling your participation in Meno Freedom Fest, $250 per coaching call held will be deducted from your refund. As soon as you enter the third week of the program, the money back guarantee expires.

What if I still have questions about Meno Freedom Fest?
Feel free to contact me HERE.

Please CONTACT ME if you wish to pay in Pounds Sterling or via a payment plan.



Prices are in US dollars.

Enrolling now gives you immediate access to the EARLY BIRD BONUS of
The Wiser Woman Course.

By purchasing the Meno Freedom Fest program, you agree to our
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

"It has felt reassuring to hear Tania dispelling myths and beliefs that many of us unconsciously pick up regarding this period of change. I can see that what is really happening is kind, natural and ultimately helpful. I have been handed a potent invitation from my own body to cultivate a deeper and more tender connection with myself. I am in awe of what my body is doing, how it is doing it and how clearly it is communicating with me! Thank you Tania for your gentle presence, for making this empowering and well researched information accessible to women everywhere, and for pointing out a path through this time that now feels less like a trial and more like an unfolding adventure."

– Rachel 

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