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with Tania Elfersy

"I received a reading with Tania which I found to be fascinating and very relevant to my life. The reading brought about answers to a lot of historical questions that I've been carrying with me for many years. I didn't realise it during the call but it all fell into place in the days after. The overall feeling during and after the reading was one of peace, calmness and reassurance. Thank you, Tania."  Emma

"A great positive experience. Tania opened my eyes to new insights. At the end of the session, I had a sense of peace and restorative belief that things will work out. Tania was warm, kind, intuitive and wise beyond words. I felt safe opening up and not judged. Definitely something I would do again with Tania." Gloria


"I LOVE Tania’s energy and enthusiasm. My reading had started before I even joined the call and it was so accurate. Tania delivers her reading with a warmth and kindness and it completely blew me away! She has an amazing gift and I am so grateful! "
– Lucy


Although I have been coaching and mentoring women at midlife since 2015, and I have been informally undertaking readings even before then, this is the first time I am creating an offer with the two.


I am happy to open up a limited number of sessions, which will include an intuitive reading and coaching, for an introductory price of $99. A session at this price is limited to one per client.


Each session will last an hour and will take place on Zoom. Once you purchase a session, you will have access to my online calendar to set up a convenient time for you. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

"The cards drawn were perfect for me and Tania’s interpretation of them was accurate. I felt relaxed during my reading and comforted by Tania’s messages. Thank you Tania, you are gifted in many ways!" – Laura

  • A one-hour video conferencing call with Tania Elfersy

Price: $99

By booking a call you agree to our
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When you book a call:
1. Follow the instructions to pay with credit card or PayPal. (The payment will appear on your statement as a payment to Flower Cap Press.)
2. Once your payment has been processed, check your inbox for an email from me.
In the email, you will find the link to book your call. If you cannot find the email in your inbox or spam folder please contact me.

3. If you cannot find a convenient time to book your call, please reply to the email and let me know what times would be convenient for you. I can usually rearrange my schedule to accommodate your needs.
NOTE: All calls take place via the video conferencing platform Zoom.
Zoom is very easy to use on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You will receive instructions how to connect with Zoom for our calls.


When you book the call, you will be asked to provide a few details on the topic you would like to discuss.


Ahead of our session, I will create a card reading for you based on the details you provide.


During the session, we will discuss what arises from the reading and discover how the guidance that emerges can support you on your journey forward.


The goal is that you will leave the session feeling inspired, empowered and energized to move forward. 

about my coaching package, which includes 8 private coaching calls and free access to my 3-week online course. 

The last few years have been extraordinary!
If you have felt . . .
✽ the rug being pulled from under your feet
✽ overwhelmed by the enormous changes that you have experienced
✽ a need for clarity on one or more issues
✽ eager to prioritize what has become most important to you
I'm here to help!

Through combining an intuitive reading with coaching, we can quickly reach
the heart of any challenge, reground you in your truth, help you embrace your desires,
uncover your innate health and innate guidance system 

all of which will set you on a path of clarity, wellbeing and more joy!

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