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with Tania Elfersy

"After only one call, I realized my night sweats were being caused by some anxiety and within a week or two the night sweats disappeared!" Kate

"From my first coaching call with Tania I began to experience a sense of 
lightness and peace."


"Whatever I’ve brought to the session with Tania (and it’s been pretty diverse!), I have felt heard, with no judgement.  And then, with great expertise, she has helped me translate what I have known in theory into a new reality.  In the process I have relaxed and felt lighter.  Over time this has resulted in fewer symptoms and more acceptance of those that remain." – Debbie

I had just one call with Tania and highly recommend her to any woman like myself who has been wrestling with midlife changes. She brought to me her lovely warm presence, her own hard-won wisdom around this powerful time of life, and her clear, kind way of explaining, and in only an hour I felt things shifting within me in new understanding. Even one call can be transformational! Thank you very much Tania!
– Helena

  • A one-hour video conferencing coaching call with Tania Elfersy


Price: $185

  • 8 one-hour video conferencing coaching calls with Tania Elfersy

  • Free access to The Wiser Woman Course (worth $129) 

Price: $1197

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about my coaching package, which includes 8 private coaching calls and free access to my 3-week online course. 

The last 18 months have been extraordinary!
If you have felt . . .
- the rug being pulled from under your feet
- overwhelmed by the enormous changes you have and will continue to experience
- eager to prioritize what has become most important to you
I'm here to help!

Through combining an intuitive reading with coaching,
we can quickly reach the heart of any challenge,
reground you in your truth, embrace your desires,
help you uncover your innate health and innate guidance system,
all of which will set you on a path of wellbeing and more joy.