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If you would like to continue your Wiser Woman journey with one-on-one coaching support, I would love to help.

Through coaching we can deepen your understanding of everything that you learned on the course and help you experience fewer symptoms, greater internal peace and more joy.

Purchase five one-hour coaching calls for $600 (instead of the regular price of $185 each).

Once you complete the purchase, you will receive a link to my online calendar where you'll be able to schedule the calls as you choose. All calls take place on Zoom.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

"Even within the first week, I felt a new sense of internal quiet. It was as if something inside had been released. I was surprised that I could feel a shift so quickly and I could implement what I had learned from Tania so effortlessly. It was as if my struggles just melted away."

– Emma, entrepreneur 

Prices are in US dollars.
All purchases are subject to our
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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