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Is World Menopause Day creating more menopause awareness, or more opportunities to freak out.

On age and change and my desire for a headdress.

When I cured my perimenopause symptoms, simply and naturally, I had no idea that what I'd learned about women's health at midlife, would end up impacting the way I show up in busin...

The idea that you need to boost your estrogen as you move through perimenopause and menopause is the biggest myth of midlife. Find out why!

Can one podcast transform a woman's experience of perimenopause and menopause?

Happily, I've heard this one can!

Nicola Bird and I discuss what really lies behind the emotional and p...

In an alternative universe, at the first signs of midlife change, you’d be taken aside by a community elder and offered space. Space to rest, space for creation, space for your wis...

Last month, The Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) published the findings of an 18-year clinical trial, which investigated the safety of hormone therapies. If you c...

We can sit still and recall memories; but when we move, our bodies remember in a different way.

Here's how my body remembered:

I was arching and curving my back as my Gyrotonic teach...

Reason 1: Women enter their 40s clueless about THE CHANGE.

Perimenopause – the period of change that normally starts in our 40s and can last up to 10 years prior to menopause – coul...

“I love your muffin top!” said no midlife woman to another, ever.

At some point during midlife, your periods will stop – that’s certain.

Almost as certain is that at some point betwe...

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The estrogen theory ends here! Debunking the biggest myth surrounding perimenopause and menopause.

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