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When was the last time you heard two women discussing the greatest gifts of menopause?

In the West, it’s just not what we expect women to do – discuss the valuable lessons that midl...

Why do we experience hot flashes and night sweats during perimenopause and menopause? What does our body want us to know?

Is World Menopause Day creating more menopause awareness, or more opportunities to freak out.



"A must for every woman!"

"I feel better already!"

This is what women have said after hearing my talk on How Midlife Changes You!

What will you...

When I share my work, women respond in different ways. Read how one woman thought I was mad ... until her menopause symptoms disappeared!

On age and change and my desire for a headdress.

When menopause hits the news headlines, myths get thrown around. What hides behind the popular menopause myths? What do women need to know?

When Robert A Wilson, MD, a Brooklyn-based OB-GYN, argued that estrogen therapy allowed menopausal women to remain feminine forever, he had a certain idea of feminine in mind!


When I cured my perimenopause symptoms, simply and naturally, I had no idea that what I'd learned about women's health at midlife, would end up impacting the way I show up in busin...

Why might a woman who reads my blog on perimenopause and menopause feel the need to lash out? What am I challenging in her life? Is what I’m sharing scary?

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The estrogen theory ends here! Debunking the biggest myth surrounding perimenopause and menopause.

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